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Wholesale drink mixes, retail drink mixes and more by The Crimson Lion includes a large selection of gourmet cocktail and frozen drink mixes for your enjoyment. Our wine slush drink mixes are gluten free.  As you surf our site be sure to check out all our products such as gourmet dip mixes, Fruit salsa, Specialty Salsa, Jams, Condiments, BBQ Sauces as well.

The drink mixes can be made using several methods. Serve as a frozen drink like a wine slush, on the rocks, or straight up. Frozen wine slushy drinks are very refreshing and help provide a tropical atmosphere.  
The Wine Blizzard and Sangria mixes are best using Merlot wine, while other mixes are fantastic with Chardonnay white wine or a conventional alcohol such as Rum, Vodka, etc. The cocktail mixes are supplied in vacuum packed bags and double protected as they are also placed in stand up pouches, with beautiful labels, indicating the various drink recipes and directions. If you do not use all the mix, the remainder will remain fresh in the pouch for another time. The convenience of making your cocktail drinks using either red or white wine, conventional alcohol, such as Rum, Vodka, Gin, etc is a plus. 


*Appletini                                                   *Peach-Mango Bellini

*Dublin Mudslide                                      *Mai-Tai

*Pina Colada                                               *Sangria Ice

*Strawberry Daiquiri                                   *Blue Hawaiian

*Hard Lemonade                                         *Mojito

*Mimosa-Grapefruit Tangerine                 *Margarita

*Frosted Wine Blizzard                              *Hurricane

*Raspberry Cocktail                                   *Pomegranate Martini

*Watermelon                                                *Kiwi Strawberry-NEW

*Wine Blizzard-Sugar Free                         *Moscow Mule-NEW

*Blue Raspberry-NEW                                *Blue Pomegranate-NEW

*Blackberry Sangria -NEW                         *Grape- NEW

 *Sea Salt Caramel-NEW                             *Cherry Bomb-NEW

*Blood Orange-NEW                                   *Creamsicle-NEW

 *Holly Berry-NEW


 Have a Margarita cocktail with our Salsa-Rita, as they make a terrific combination. The Crimson Lion Salsa-Rita is also fabulous for seasoning foods such as grilling your burgers, steak tips, wings, etc. Each package yields (6)  14.5 oz. servings. You can use a can of diced or fresh garden tomatoes as available. Fruits can also be added such as Mango, Pineapple, Peach, etc. for a healthy fruit salsa. Our salsa mix is gluten free with no preservatives. Please visit our shopping cart at for the cocktail drink mixes, salsa mixes, dip mixes, soup mixes and so much more.

Please always use caution to assure that underage drinking of alcohol is not tolerated. 

It gets better!! Try our fabulous Jar products such as Specialty Salsa, Fruit Salsa, Barbecue Sauces, Jams, and Condiments. The jar sizes are large so you will get more for less and all jar products are 100% natural ingredients. Feel free to surf the various jar products.

All products are available wholesale or retail. Visit our retail shopping cart for each specialty food and drink product.

Wholesale: Wholesale Cocktail Drink Mixes, wholesale dip mixes, soup mixes, etc are also available. Please visit our "Wholesale" page for more information.
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