My name is Greg Corcoran and along with my dad we began The Crimson Lion Specialty Foods company in the early part of 2009. With the availability of our great grandfather John Bono's recipes, we began cooking with them and creating several delicious dishes. We felt a need for Fruit & Specialty Salsa , Jams, BBQ Sauces. Grandfather Bono typically added wine to his dishes and also drank at least one glass of wine until the day he passed. More recently we established our own frozen cocktail drink mixes with recipes in which cocktail drinks can be made with red wine, white wine, various spirits, and miscellaneous other juices. Our cocktail drink mix line has increased in various flavors, to offer  one the largest selections in the country. The drink Mixes and have also become great additions to bars, lounges, cruise ships, island resort etc.

We look forward to future expansion of  on wholesale retail, fundraising, etc.

The Fundraising program allows the DOWNLOAD of forms on the Wholesale/ Fundraising page.