Kielbasa dipping is delicious
Kielbasa dipping is delicious

Bacon Horseradish This dip with the bacon added to our very popular horseradish dip, make it a tremendous dip tasting option.

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This is the best ever Bacon/Horseradish dip
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This is another newer dip mix that has quickly become very popular. 

 For the ultimate party, this dip is certain to please. This dip can be

 used to flavor meats or poultry. Use it on kielbasa, bratwurst, roast beef, 

hot dog,  and come away with a swagger. The combination of bacon and 

Horseradish is hard to beat. Just add 1 cup mayo, 

1 cup sour cream, with 1 package of the dip mix.

Net Wt. 18g

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