the onion patch is awesome
the onion patch is awesome

Bloomin Onion and Bacon Dip: two packages come with this flavor. The warmed up flavor of bacon, onion , and cheese is sure to make dipping a tasty pleasure

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You are Blooming right about this onion dip
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Bloomin Onion& Bacon warm dip. 
This warm dip mix makes a delicious tasting dip. Add in cream cheese, 
sour cream and Cheddar cheese for a warm dip. Add bacon bits or real 
bacon as desired. Great with Nachos or Tortilla chips. We enjoy on steak
 tips or mixes or a baked potato topper. Each pouch contains two dip mix
 packets and makes enough for 1 bowl of mix each packet. Use a 
crockpot for warming the mix.
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