l Pina Colada Wine Slush/ Rum wine slush cocktail mix with pineapple juice added. Wonderful with Coconut Non-alcoholic version is an option.
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This is a fantastic tasting drink
This is a fantastic tasting drink

Pina Colada Wine Slush/ Cocktail Mix:

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Pina' Colada time is here! This drink is a top seller!

*For wine lovers try this mix using 3/4 of a 750 M.L. bottle of dry white wine.

Mix in a blender, fill with ice, and make a great-tasting Pina Colada slush drink cocktail. 

Option: Add pineapple juice to taste.

If preferred, use less ice for your cocktail.


Blender method: Use 1 package of the mix, Add ice filling the blender or for less slush use less ice.

1 cup Rum

5 oz. Blue Curacao

5 oz. Creme De Coconut

2 cups Pineapple juice

*Garnish drink with Maraschino Cherry and Pineapple Wedge.

Also delicious for a Pina Colada dipping sauce for dipping coconut shrimp, chicken nuggets,

and fruit, see recipe no. 5 on our recipes page.

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