Sugar free is delicious and has low carbs
Sugar free is delicious and has low carbs

Skinny Lion Sugar free Wine Blizzard Slush Mix- SUGAR FREE MIX for those that like a tasty wine slush with low sugar wines.

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Delicious Sugar Free Wine Slush with less carbs and no sugar
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Skinny Lion-Sugar Free Wine Slush Drink Mix

We are pleased to announce that this new sugar-free drink wine slush 
drink mix is here and selling fast. Low carbs and no sugar. Have that glass 
of wine without the worry.

For diabetics please read the following link for low sugar wines 

Check with the wine companies for sugar content in their dry red wines.

Instructions for making this drink: Blender method is (Preferred)

In a blender empty 1 package of mix. Fill blender with ice and add 

one bottle of 750 ml dry red or dry blush wine. Blend to make 

a wine slush drink. 

Makes (7) 8 oz. sugar-free wine slush drinks.

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