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About Us

The Crimson Lion offers opportunities for our Specialty Foods and Beverages Mixes for both Wholesale and Retail. Opportunities include dry powder prepackaged Cocktail Drink Mixes, Wine Slush Mixes. We also provide our Jar products such as Fruit Salsa, Specialty Salsa, Jams, Condiments, and pre-packaged Gourmet Dip Mixes, Dessert Mixes, Olive Oil Bread Dips, and more. Contact us for additional Wholesale and Fundraising program details or order retail via our safe and secure shopping cart.

My name is Greg Corcoran. With the help of my dad, we began The Crimson Lion Specialty Foods and Beverage mix company in the early part of 2009. Our great grandfather from Italy John Bono's was a chef locally and treated us over the years to the finest meals. We began cooking ourselves and dined out appreciating the various recipes and dishes. We would always attempt to find new recipes.

Other relatives came to America from the old country at the turn of the century and also became involved with the food business and one is still active as a classic Italian meat supplier from MA.

In 2009 I lost my position in the roofing contracting field during the construction slowdown and like others in my family had done before me, I decided to start and have my own food business. We began offering Barbecue sauces, Fruit Salsa, Jams, Condiments, Dip Mixes, and later Drink Mixes. To this day we offer Judecraft Specialty Foods dip mixes, as they are we feel they are the best in the country. We also formed a partnership with a licensed kitchen for our jar and cocktail mix products.  We developed our own drink mixes and continue to offer new flavors including our newest  Peanut Butter Cup, along with (8) new Margarita mix flavors developed in 2021. 

We then began as Vendors at Craft Shows, Farmers Markets, Festivals, etc

 We further introduced The Crimson Lion products for tailgating party ideas at the N.F.L. Patriots football games. So many delicious appetizer recipes were discovered

 The mixing of sports and "cooking for the event" became popular. The Crimson Lion was born and we further developed into several new markets. We now furnish our Wine Slush frozen cocktail drink mixes, Jar products, Dip Mixes to ocean and lake resorts, bars, restaurants, wineries, craft shops, stores, etc. Wholesale and fundraising opportunities. are available.  ( see Wholesale and Fundraising Page). Please feel free to order online, call us, email us, visit us at an event, or visit our store located Feeding Hills, MA.

Currently, our store hours are by appointment only ( call 413-896-1114)  as we are in and out and would not want a customer to make the trip and not be there.