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About Us

My name is Greg Corcoran and I own Crimson Lion Specialty Foods. We began our company
in 2009 after losing my job in the roofing construction field due to the housing slowdown at the time. 
My dad's grandfather John Bono from the old country had been a head chef for many 
years in the Springfield, MA.area leaving behind numerous recipes, passion, and a  desire to 
cook the finest meals for his family and friends. His cooking ability and the ultimate delicious meals
were memorable to us all. Other relatives who arrived in America at the turn of the century also made a 
footprint, as one of New England's most notable classic Italian meats supplier. Like others in our family, 
I to had the desire to be involved with the food business and thus Crimson Lion was born. 
We began by cooking and grilling at football tailgate parties, in part using my dad's grandfather's 
recipes and/ or whatever we learned from him. We also had a good friend who helped us with his 
vast knowledge of cooking, preparing appetizers, and recipes for special drink concoctions. 
He would often remark that we should eat and drink "for the occasion". I did not imagine at the 
the time that this would eventually lead to owning a specialty foods and wine slush/ cocktail mix business.  
Often times we can't predict what the future holds in store for us. My dad and I decided to start 
The Crimson LionI guess one could say, "it runs in the family". After all, I had to make a living somehow. 
We soon learned it's advantageous to serve top quality food and drink for the occasion. Crimson Lion now offers a wide assortment of gourmet wine slushie drink mixes with every flavor specially taste-tested. Our wine slushie mixes are processed at a certified blending and packaging facility using only the finest ingredients. Additionally, we also distribute the finest selection of gourmet specialty foods, such as barbecue sauces, dip mixes, jams, condiments, olive oil blends,no-bake cheesecake dessert mixes, fruit, and specialty salsa. 
We continue to add new drink mix flavors and now have over  (30 ) outstanding cocktail/ drink mix flavors.
The drinks can be made with wine (red or white) or spirits. Enjoy a Peach Mango Bellini, Mojito, Margarita, Watermelon, Pomegranate Martini, or  Dublin Mudslide to name a few. Our newest flavor 
Peanut Butter Cup is now available. We sell to stores, wineries, bars, restaurants, etc. throughout the country. Feel free to contact us about our Wholesale and Fundraising program that has been very successful to date. We will also consider applying your own label/name to the product. 
Contact: Tel: 413-896-1114 
Please stop and visit us at our new storefront. 
Address:360 North Westfield Street 
Unit 6  Feeding Hills, MA 01030
Currently, our store is open by appointment only.
Call us first at 413-896-1114 to avoid the trip if
we are not there at the time.

       Greg Corcoran and son Brennan