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Welcome to our Dip Mixes shopping cart which is safe and secure by Positive SSL. Enjoy Judecraft Specialty Foods Dip Mixes, Cheesecake Dessert Mixes, and Olive oil blends/ bread dips here. Start your dinner with your favorite appetizer, a cocktail, on to the main course entree, and culminate your dining experience with a delightful dessert and perhaps an after-dinner cocktail. Enjoy!!!! Be sure to visit our Deals page for excellent free shipping opportunities as well as reduced-cost deals for your favorite mixes, sauces, drinks, etc. We have three deals currently active for Judi's Original Garlic Butter Blend that offer free shipping.

All these packaged dip mixes are supplied with attractive paper labels that provide instructions for making a dessert mix/ cheesecake pie (cream cheese, whipped topping, pie shell) or a dip mix (sour cream, mayonnaise, or cream cheese for a bagel spread. We also offer Olive Oil Blends for bread dipping for making the finest shrimp scampi dinner using Judi's Original Garlic Butter Blend mixed with olive oil. Complete with recipe /directions, each label describes mix flavor, package weight, and ingredients.

NOTE* If any other products are desired ( salsa, jams, etc) and a minimum order amount of $70.00 is reached, FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the USA will result.