Thiis mix is great on baked potato or in mashed
Thiis mix is great on baked potato or in mashed

Loaded Potato-Dip: Great in mashed or loaded baked potatoes, as a dip or spread. Top seller for many years.

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This is a delicious and top selling dip
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Loaded Potato remains a very popular dip mix that receives very positive reviews. Make a dip using 16 oz. of sour cream with 1 package of the dip mix. The dip itself is very delicious. We also suggest using it as a filling for your baked potato, i.e. loaded baked potato.

It's ideal for filling your potato skins . Add some to your mashed potatoes for an ultimate taste. With the sour cream already in the dip along with chives, bacon bits, its skin dipping time. Loaded Potato can be used to make soup as well. Just add a few cups of hot water to 1 package of the mix, and you have a delicious broth. Add rice, noodles, chicken, beef, etc. and enjoy.



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