l Mojito Wine Slush Cocktail mix for all occasions. This drink is so refreshing especially when made frozen on a warm summer day by the pool.
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This is a real classic
This is a real classic

mojito with mint

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Mojito Cocktail:
Option: Wine Blizzard Slush: Make a refreshing Mojito slush drink using dry 
white wine such as Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio. In a blender (56 oz.) use 1 package 
of the mix, 3/4 bottle of white wine, and fill with ice. Blend and enjoy a terrific 
Mojito slush drink. with friends.
Optional: In a blender add 1 package of the mix, Use 1- 1/2 cups of Rum instead of 
wine and 1/2 cup of water, fill the blender with ice, blend, and serve.

NOTE-For a tint of Raspberry taste, add in some of our Raspberry cocktail mix for 
Raspberry Mojito. flavor.
A customer also advises they added fresh blackberries to the mix in the blender,
 and the taste was awesome.
Try a Mojito Yogurt Cocktail recipe. Great for a brunch cocktail. See the recipe 
Non-Alcohol Version:

Mojito Yogurt
6 oz Plain Yogurt
2 Tbs Mojito Mix
Sprig of Mint to garnish (optional)
Mix 2 Tbs of Mojito mix with 2 Tbs Yogurt until smooth and the 
granules disappear. Add in the rest of the Yogurt and stir until blended.

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