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Wine Slushie & Cocktail Mixes-Recipes, General Information

Crimson Lion Wine Slush & Cocktail  Drink Recipes can be made with red wine, white wine, or spirits. Each package has a label with instructions of how to make each flavor that we offer.

There are a few ways to make a slushie. We generally make the slushies using a  blender
as it is very easy and always produces an excellent slush texture. There is also a method of using a freezer bag  which is noted on the package label and this will also be discussed in this general guideline in detail.
Wine slushies taste  best when made with  dry white wine or dry red wine. These are known effectively known as wine slushies or frozen drinks.
Of course slushies if preferred, can also be made using spirits such as Rum, Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey, Moonshine, Peanut Butter Whiskey, etc.
These are known as cocktail mixes or cocktail slushies.

There are questions that we receive often regarding the best types of wine to use and we discuss that via questions and answers as follows:
Q. What is considered a dry wine and best to use for a Crimson Lion slushie?
A. Simply put a dry wine has no residual sugar, meaning it is not sweat.
Q. What types of white wine is recommended for slushies:  
A. Note as mentioned, some are a little sweater but are still very delicious and keep in mind what one person doesn't like another person will love.
We recommend, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pino Grigio,
 Champagne ( Some like  Moscato,  Prosecco))
Q. What type of red wine is recommended for slushies. ( note some are a little sweater but are still very delicious)
A. Pinot Noir. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec
**Sangria although sweater and fruity works well.
Q. What about options for a non-alcoholic slushie for kids or those that do not drink alcohol.
A. With a package of the mix-use instead of alcohol:  water, seltzer water, ginger ale, fruit juice. Adults can try alcohol "free" wine available in
most liquor stores. We have used the alcohol-free wine at events and the taste is just as awesome.
Q. Do the mixes contain  Gluten
A. No they are Gluten-free
Q. Is there sugar in the drink mixes.
A. Yes there is sugar and there has to be or a frozen drink machine will not slush up or work. The working principle of a frozen slush machine is to have a minimum amount of sugar present or the machine will not create a slush to enjoy. There are several websites that discuss this and the Brix reading in detail. For those that have diabetes
or pre-diabetes, we suggest that you obtain medical advice. To all others, we suggest drink in moderation, be careful, and always be responsible adults and obey the drinking law age.
Q. How long does the mix last.
A. The mix will be good for 2- 2 1/2 years.

For each flavor, we offer there is a  recommended type of alcohol to use. We have had great results using the type of alcohol mentioned with each flavor.
We do not suggest using each type of alcohol listed for each flavor drink as that would be way too much. All alcohol types listed can be used with the flavors, however, in most cases one type of alcohol at a time should be used unless the total amount is split up.
An example: Where 1 -1/2 cups is suggested in a drink recipe as is generally the case, In the event, two types of alcohol are added to the recipe, it is suggested using 3/4 cup of each type alcohol totaling 1 -1/2 cups would be the correct recipe regarding the alcohol amount. When making a Dublin Mudslide sometimes instead of using the only Vodka we will split 3/4 cup Baileys and 3/4 cup of Vodka equaling 1 -1/2 total cups of alcohol.
For that matter, the alcohol that you prefer can be substituted. We have customers that use moonshine and love it. We are always open to new recipes that we can add to this web site. Please send your recipe ideas to us and we will post on the recipes page. We want to expand on the cocktail recipes and will share them on this site.
 This chart is a guide.  
**The Maximum alcohol amount for each recipe is generally up to 1 - 1/2 cups of liquor total for one blender yield based using a 56 oz. blender.
** Use your imagination and garnish the drinks appropriately.

Appletini         recommend white wine or vodka
Mojito               recommend white wine or rum
Pina Colada    recommend white wine or coconut rum, plus dole pineapple juice
Moscow Mule recommend white wine  or vodka plus ginger beer in a copper mug.    
Mai-Tai                 recommend white wine or rum, or vodka                          
Margarita         recommend white wine or Tequila with a glass rimmed with salt.
Mimosa               recommend white wine or champagne.                                                     
Hard Lemonade recommend white wine, or rum, or vodka, or tequila, or gin
Wine Blizzard         recommend white wine or red wine
Blackberry Sangria recommend white wine or red wine
Sangria                     recommend white wine or red wine
Red Raspberry   recommend white wine or red wine, or vodka, or rum
Hurricane            recommend white wine, or rum, or vodka
Grape                   recommend white wine, or red wine, or vodka
Blue Raspberry  recommend white wine, or rum, vodka, tequila      
Bahama Mama    recommend white wine or rum,
Cherry Creamsicle recommend white wine, or rum, or vodka, vanilla ice cr. whip topping
Peanut Butter Cup recommend flavored peanut butter whiskey
Watermelon recommend white wine, or rum, or vodka, or tequila, slice Watermelon
Pomegranate        recommend white wine, or rum, or vodka                   
Blue Hawaiian         recommend white wine, or rum, or vodka
Blue Pomegranate  recommend white wine, or rum, or vodka
Dublin Mudslide     recommend milk, Baileys, Kahlua ( Vodka) optional. add choc. syrup and dollop of whipped topping.
Sea Salt Caramel Mudslide recommend milk, Baileys, Kahlua (Vodka) optional add choc.
syrup and dollop of whipped topping.
Strawberry Daiquiri recommend white wine, or rum, or vodka, or tequila
Cherry Bomb              recommend white wine, or rum, or vodka
Holly Berry                  recommend white wine, or rum, or vodka
Blood Orange             recommend white wine, or rum, or vodka, or tequila
Kiwi Strawberry        recommend white wine, or rum, or vodka, or tequila    
Creamsicle                 recommend white wine, or rum, or vodka, vanilla ice cr, whip. topping
Hot Butter Beer        recommend butterscotch Schnapps, cream soda, rum chata , whipped cr.
Cinnamon Whiskey  recommend Fireball or Jack fire

We try hard to keep these flavors in stock however there are so many that we make the most popular more often due to the demand.


BLENDER METHOD: We use a 56 oz. blender with one package of the mix. The yield is (7) 8 oz, drinks with a perfect flavor. The basic directions for most flavors ( some exceptions -see label) fill the blender with ice, add one package of the mix and 3/4 to 1 bottle of wine. If you want to use spirits instead of wine add 1- 1/2 cups of the spirit you desire. If you use a smaller or larger blender that is alright however be aware you may need a little less of the mix and alcohol in the smaller blender and a little more of the mix and alcohol if using a larger blender. We hope that makes sense.
The blender we have used for years is a Kitchen Aid 5 speed model KB1575 Diamond or a model  KSB1570 Classic which is about equally rated and priced at about $130.00. If you enjoy slushie cocktails either blender is a good investment. The blender method is our preferred method but there are other options.
FREEZER BAG METHOD: If you do not have a blender and/ or ice cubes available and are on vacation or just prefer this method here we go. Add to a container 3 cups of water, one package of the dry mix flavor you have chosen, add 3/4 - 1 bottle of wine or if spirits instead, add 1- 1/2 cups. plus any other ingredients required. Mix all together very well.  Empty this magic mixture into a freezer bag. Put the freezer bag into your refrigerator freezer for a minimum of 6-8 hours. When ready to have some fun remove and the bag of goodness, let it thaw a bit until and when you can squeeze the bag. You are now ready to serve some delightful tasting frozen cocktails.
FROZEN DRINK MACHINE: These machines come with up to several bowls/ hoppers. We use either a one or two bowl machine. We have used the two bowl machines for larger gatherings. With the two bowls machine, two flavors can be sampled at a time. The one bowl, which we prefer, since they are much lighter and easier to transport. Much easier to lift and require less electric amperage to operate. The one bowl saves on the back too. These machines can be rented at a party store as well. Suggest that if you use this type of machine be certain that there is adequate electric service. Our recipe for each bowl is a gallon of water, 5 packages of the mix flavor, 2- 1/2 bottle of wine, or if using spirits, up to 1/2 bottle of the type of spirit. Obviously the machine is very convenient with no need for ice and very easy to self serve. The weight of a two bowl machine can be 130-150# approx. and the single bowl machine 70-90# approx.